The lucky guy

Published by Johnson on

I want to be the lucky guy in your life,
The one who will have you as a wife,
The lucky guy who gets to hold you every day,
And make you happy in every way,
The only guy who gets to kiss your sweet lips,
The guy that answers your every call,
And reaches for your hand so you won’t fall,
The guy who will love you for who you are,
Hold you close even when you are far,
The guy who is gonna make you laugh at nothing,
And put on your sweet smile at everything,
One guy, who longs to be your prince charming,
One who will vehemently love you,
And his love will be long lasting like a yew,
The lucky guy who you’ll ever love,
One ready to carry your problems and solve,
The guy you will walk with down the aisle,
Matching majestically in style,
So that the whole world can see,
And feel jealous, I foresee!
Knowing you makes me very happy,
Loving you makes me so lucky!