The long journey

I face the earthI see every corner of itFrom my pathFor I wake up on timeAnd continue with my journeyUp I riseAnd down I go Lonely I amFor friends are farAnd my journey is longBut, I have to accomplish itSo, I continue going

My Nature

I am not aliveBut, I sustain lifeI moveBut, not with legsAcross fieldsAnd up mountains I speakBut, not like beingsI move thingsBut, not with handsWhen hot I riseAnd downwards I cool


The clouds were denseAnd the water in them seemed to condense Almost ready to dispenseAll that looked immense Just before it could commenceThe wind rose in defenseWhat made trees sway as if in self-defenseAs the wind rose to prominence. Though without offenseThe clouds became tenseAnd could dare not dispense Anything Read more…