My Honour!

How special I amIndeed very specialSo, great protection is accorded! Little I amBut, great things I doCommands, Instructions, Solutions, …All from me! I hurt, but I don’t cause physical injuries,I am poison, but i doon’t cause death,I am fire, I burn, but, I dont consume,I sting, but not like bees,I Read more…

A long journey

The journey is longSo, I have to be strongTo move in the right paceSo that I can complete this race Those behind are struggling to seeThe end of the race past meSo, I tell them to runBypass me if they can This journey requires patienceBut those behind lack guidanceFor they Read more…

The Right

The compact majorityBound to winA race longWith little strainAnd little effortFor the wrong decisionAnd the minorityOh! Loosers!Heavy at heartDreading the futureOf a people,Condemned in the handsOf a treacherous lot!

Peace not to be!

Like butterfliesFrom one flowerTo another, you cameWith sweet wordsAnd gifts, you came You brought disturbancesOn a flower at peaceA beautiful flowerYou made ugly You took its colourAnd disappeared with itPart of it you did cutAnd abused with your feet Above all thisThe flower remained aliveFor strong it had to bePersevere Read more…

The long journey

I face the earthI see every corner of itFrom my pathFor I wake up on timeAnd continue with my journeyUp I riseAnd down I go Lonely I amFor friends are farAnd my journey is longBut, I have to accomplish itSo, I continue going

My Nature

I am not aliveBut, I sustain lifeI moveBut, not with legsAcross fieldsAnd up mountains I speakBut, not like beingsI move thingsBut, not with handsWhen hot I riseAnd downwards I cool

The long wait

The struggleAnd longingFor a piece of mindDeprived The tortureAnd troubleOf someone enslavedSomebody in jailA jail without wardensA torture well deserved The longingAnd needA need for a puffA puff unprescribed The cry and shoutOf someone thinkingOf the long waitThe wait for freedomFreedom from tortureTorture well deserved!

Tying the knot

Through the windowI see cloudsMountain tops and downsEngulfed by clouds In my mind are remembrancesOf her answer the other dayThe day I will always rememberThe ever best day When I come out thereOut of thisI will face herAnd thank her for this It is touching downDown I will see herSee Read more…

Hecko mwalimu wetu, baraka twakumiminia

Shangwe na vigelegele, Furaha mpwitompwitoWangeni wetu karibuni, Mstarehe bila wasiwasiTwasherehekeha mwalimu wetu, kweli amutupa ushindi,Hecko mwalimu wetu, Baraka twakumiminia. Shukrani twatoa kwa mola, Mwalimu wetu aliyetupakwako wewe twajifunia, milele ta kukumbukaIjapokuwa twakuaga, Mioyoni mwetu hutoki,Hecko mwalimu wetu, Baraka twakumiminia. Kwa wingi hukosi maarifa, kwa sifa wafahamika,Ulitusomeshaaa, Ulituelekeza,Ukaturekebisha, Ukitufaamisha,NaaaaaaaUkatuhamasisha!….. ukituchekesha,Hecko mwalimu Read more…