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Never say never, if you know you will,
Never say yes, if you mean no,
Or even no, when you mean Yes,
Chances come and go,
Many times they never come back,
Never let go off any chance
Do what you’ve got to do, when you have the chance
Cause you never know if it’s the last one,
Stand up when it’s your time,
Spin it while it’s your opportunity,
Make it count when you still have some airtime,
Never stop, when you feel like going on,
Never quit if you still have some energy,
Use up the last drop of your energy,
To do what you think is fine,
Cherish every moment that happen to you,
Smile even when nothing seems to work,
Accept and love all people around you,
But never get contented with the level you are,
Always fight your way up,
Standing and making yourself heard,
Causing your presence to be felt if not appreciated,
Never smile when someone is hurting,
Never jubilate at the expense of someone else,
Always make peace with your surroundings,
For when they succeed, so will you!