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You certainly are beautiful,
So I guess that’s why I’m so careful,
So much optimistic, you can say hopeful,
That one day one time you’ll be mine own.
I’ve watched you, now you’re grown,
And you can call that a bon,
That’s why you deserve only a throne,
One that I’m gonna give you my darling.
I just want to be your prince charming,
So I can quench this unmentionable yearning,
To kiss your lips and tell you how much I’m burning,
Inside my heart to just love you more.
My love for you is something I can’t ignore,
One thing that I can’t hide anymore,
Something I’m willing to put up for show,
Letting everyone know that I love you for sure.
You should know how much I’ve had to endure,
Waiting passionately for my life’s cure,
One girl that deserves a heart that is pure,
One girl that means everything in my life.