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You always feel the heat
Something intense,
That makes you tense,
Something like a cloud covering your head,
This anxiety that seem to never end,
But keeps on imploring you to do it,
That you’re perfect for the treat,
That all is gonna be alright

Yet there is another voice
That sounds like the right choice
One like the first one
One that makes your heart burn
Almost like the other one
That bares your inference
So you won’t see the difference
That you find it hard to make the right choice
Cause all the voices keeps making noise

Yet still there is always the right turn
One you take and everything is fine
And all falls into place by design
But you always miss the point
You never see the joint
You freak out and guess
And that’s how you mess.

If only you could relax
Settle down maybe have some snacks
Concentrate on what you want
Forgetting what others demand
You’d be able to make the right decision
Nail it with precision
Because you are always right
When you know you are right

When the moment is right.