You are the one!

Published by Johnson on

You are the one that I want to hold,
To be close to when it’s cold,
Cause you make me feel so bold,
Wanting to be with you until I get old.
You are the one that makes me smile,
Every time you hold me in style,
Making every minute we spent worthwhile,
The reason I want to walk you down the aisle.
I definitely want to feel this again,
Holding you close until my whole body is wet in the rain
And kissing your lips until you freeze out, not in pain,
Just to show you how much I love you, over a glass of champagne.
You remind me of who I want to be everyday
Something that keeps me going on the right way
And that’s why I’ll never let you go away
And every time you need me, I’ll never delay.
Every part of my body tells me it is you that I need
So no body and nothing can ever impede
My love for the girl I love, so I’ll succeed
To love you, marry you and get old with you, Agreed!