I love her.

Published by Johnson on

Nothing but the sweet smile,
That causes me to go the extra mile,
Not holding back even for a while,
Appearing and disappearing in style.
Unaware you might think I’m worked up,
Trying to have with her just a snap,
Events that you want to always recap,
Nothing close to what they call, crap.
With her I don’t really have to struggle,
It all looks like I’m the king of the juggle,
All I do is just snuggle,
Not daring to cause her much niggle.
She’s the sunshine in my life,
That’s why I’m gonna make her my wife,
Someone I’m gonna take just for myself,
Never ever gonna let between us a gulf.
Oh! She’s a piece of charm for sure,
You should see my girl, the allure,
That’s why forever I’m gonna ensure,
She leaves my sight not, cause she’s my life’s cure.