My love

Published by Johnson on

Girl you are just my type,
And I feel that our relationship is ripe,
So ripe and sweet like a crape,
And all I need is to be your stipe,
No joke, I say no tripe.
You are the pupil of my eye,
That’s why when you look at me I feel shy,
With this feeling like I’m gonna fly,
Avoiding your glare, to me it’s like sty,
That’s eroding my eyelids, but can’t ask why!
Your smile sends this shock down my spine,
As if i have swallowed a gulp of wine,
What leaves me creeping for support like a vine,
Trying to get my heart and yours to entwine,
As I shout to the whole world, baby you’re fine.
Your kiss girl stings, like a bee,
One that’s so tasty, I’d say like a brie,
One that makes my heart beat with a thud like tides in the sea,
As if I’m gonna tense, panic, sign out and flee,
But yet so imploring, soothing, as if telling me, please don’t leave me.
Girl, I’m just telling you one thing,
One that will remain true even when life decides to sting,
One that I’m gonna seal with a golden ring,
And every witness will see it and sing,
I love you so much my princess charming.