Life goes on….

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You slept hungry, and woke up feeling bad; this weird feeling like you can’t go on….. Here is the catch, you woke up anyway! Not everybody that slept woke up, Cheer up.
You are frowning because you got a zero in your SAT exam, give me a break…’s now clear to you that college is out of your league, think elsewhere, maybe business; I don’t know…. Something else! Anything!
She dumped you, so you are grieving the whole of this week? Then what? …..Even at the end of your grieving, the reality will be that she dumped you! LOL! Move on, forget the pain so you can hang out again! They say “Let it go, if it comes back to you, then it’s yours. If it doesn’t, find yours.
You just gave up on life and all you want is to die? Why was I born? That is what you are constantly asking! Well I got your answer,……You wanna die so you can find some peace! Tell me, who died and rose up to declare that there is peace in death? Well certainly there is peace in life, you seek it, find it and embrace it, if possible keep it. You are better off alive because you don’t know nothing about being dead! At least you know something about being alive; that you are alive! Don’t run away from your troubles; stop, face them and solve them….. Life goes on.
Everyone deserves the best, this is what we seek; to get and become. This is how we reach our destiny. It is however, not without cost, there are failures, heartbreaks, hardships, fall-outs, downs and of course those sweet moments. We may not reach the level we want or seek, we may not get whatever we wish for, but everything that happens in our life means we are on the track doing something about it. Failures may mean that we didn’t do it right or that we are not on the right track towards our destiny. Take positively all that happens in your life and derive the goodness of the moment, as the Christians know; everything works for good…. Squeeze out the goodness of the bad times and move on!……. Yes you can!
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