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Ask me a question
If I cannot answer
Then I will not ask myself
Why I don’t have an answer
But instead I will ask myself
Why you have asked me the question
That I cannot answer.
Ask me if I went to school
But don’t ask me what I gained in school
Because I’m asking myself
What is it I got in school?
And why you’d ask me such a question?
Is my character questionable?
But , anyway, ask me if I went to school.
Ask me if I voted in the last election
But don’t ask whom I voted for
Because I’m now asking myself
Why I voted for them
Though I may not understand why
You asked about the person I voted in
I may guess you are questioning my credibility to vote
But rather just ask me why I voted.
Ask me what’s love
But don’t ask me if I’m in love
Because the question am asking myself
Is, how does it feels to be in love
Though I may not know why you asked me about love
I can only guess you are asking yourself if anyone loves me
But just ask me the meaning of love
Don’t ask me
Why I’m asking myself so many questions
And why I can’t answer them
But ask me why my answers are questions
Questions that require answers
Sometimes answers aren’t there,
The only thing you get in reply
Is yet another question!
But still, ask me that question!
Written by Nobert Wafula. Find Him on Twitter.

Categories: Free verse