If only you’d let me

Published by Johnson on

You are all I think about
The one person I can’t go without
One person that I just want to live with all the days of my life
The one reason I belief I was brought into this world
If I could, I’d make the clouds your dwelling place
And the earth a sponge to fall onto, just in case
The moon our secret meeting palace
And the stars, our source of light on our little vacation in space.
If only you’d let me in your life
Then I’d let you become my only wife
The one woman that I’m gonna want to see every day of my life
Making her happy every day of her life.
If only you’d let me kiss your lips
Hang around you, holding your hips
I’d hold you like an angel that you are
And sing you a lovely song,  with my guitar.
If you could accept to sit on my lap
Then I’d give you my heart to use as your map
And my body, as your blanket so you’d be warm when you wake up
And still, my hands as your only belt, Never letting between us any gap.
I’m just asking for a simple chance
A chance to love you and be with you, not just once
To cherish every minute we spend, in romance
And occasionally, take you out for a date and a dance.