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If you had the talents of an angel, and you failed to use them, you are as good as them who have none. If you could help in a given situation and you failed to do so, you are as displeasing as the agony that came with your failure to help. I’m just saying that we should stop overlooking things and start moving things. 

Everybody has some energy that is usable in some way. Everybody has some unique abilities that are usable in certain situations. In other words I’m saying that, nobody is useless, you are who you are because you decided not to change. You can be whoever you want to be only if you work and fight for itYou cannot find unless you are searching, you cannot win unless you are in a competition, and for sure, you can’t move until you spend energy. 

Therefore, get in the game and start playing…..Never give up before you can even try, Never lose hope or give up at first trial, Always belief in yourself and others will….. This is the rule of the game!