Do you remember how we met?

Published by Johnson on

Your lovely face reminds me of the fairy tale told
Of you and I when we first met in the cold
When I knocked you to the ground with my chest
And stared at you in disbelief as if it was a test.

You gazed back at me with your innocent beautiful face
One that tore my heart apart as i reached out to help you rise
Water dripping down your lovely lips, an amazing galore
A magnificent show that I had never seen before

Your smile, as you clung to my hand was admirable
And the amazing sensation of your soft smooth hands irresistible
Your hand in mine left me flinching
And your figure so close to me left my skin itching

For a moment none of us could utter a word
We stood in the rain as our feet sung in the mud
Looking at each other in disbelief
Held back, kept still we could not dare to leave.

No words said you leaned forward for my kiss
With your lips so wet in that moment of bliss
I stood still frozen shaken down to my roots
As my lips caught up with the sweetness of your lips

“I love you!” I barely said the words right
And you reached out and pulled me closer and tight
As you whispered back to my ear
“I love you too!” Just what I wanted to hear
That’s how the journey began for us and others too
A journey of a thousand miles meant for just us two
A story of love, love and more love, told best by just us two
Love at first sight like Romeo and Juliet and now us too.