I should have known!

Published by Johnson on

 An heavenly being, send from above you were  
Packed with goodness, and sweetness bewildering 
I remember the kisses, sweeter than honey 
And the way you’d hold me, promising me heavens  
And the spark in your eyes, that tortured me to say yes  
Yes, I do, and always will, and forever will!  
You said that I was your type  
Meaning that we were set for each other in this life  
And that you’d never think of another like me  
Raising my hopes beyond where I could ever be  
And that you’ll always love me, always  
That only death will do us apart  
You said I was the apple of your eye  
So I wonder how you are able to see without me now  
That I was the pace setter of your heart  
What meant that we’d never ever be apart  
And that this life would mean nothing without me  
A cliché, everyone uses it, I should have known!  
I fell for you, like leaves fall from branches, helplessly 
And loved you, like sand loves the sea 
This consuming passion, that I couldn’t see another  
Not when you were clogging my wide open eyes  
Holding on to my one and only, the one in a million  
What turned out to be, the one with a million others  
You always called to wish me good night  
When at the moment you were kissing another good night  
And said you thought about me always  
While making love to another one  
And my friends telling me to hold on, That 
“Every cloud has a silver lining” Yet another cliché, I should’ve known 
I wonder how honey turned out like bitter wine 
How the prince charming turned out abhorrent 
But, though broken, shuttered, I’ve learned to move on  
Chanting one step at a time, every memory leaving me to only wonder  
Have you left the one you left me for?