Mama, My world is You!

Published by Johnson on

You conceived me,
Nurtured me even before I was born,
And brought me into this world,
So painfully, yet you smiled when you saw me!
Helpless I rested on your arms,
Unaware of myself, and my environment,
And, your tireless arms held me tight,
Breastfed me till I slept,
Everyday and night, until I could shout,
And crawl,
And still never stopped,
You kept quenched my thirst and cleaned me,
When I didn’t even know that cleanliness is next to God,
And taught me the word of God,
You instilled knowledge,
That non could, even the most learned,
And held my arm everyday
Until I could stand on my own,
And even so, you stood behind me, 
To catch me when I fell,
And lifted me up,

Up onto your shoulders,
So I could see the world, 
Better than you could,
Better than I could ever be! 
So I am, because you were!
So just because I can now stand on my own,
Just because I can dress myself,
Just because I have been blessed with a job,
Just because I can now fed for myself,
Just because I now have a family,
Just because I am now being called daddy,
I also know there was a time,
When I could not dress myself,
A time when I could not fed for myself,
A time when I was helpless, and you helped me,
And so, I can never forget you,
I choose to never forget you, Mama,
Because my world, is you!
And my world was not, unless Mama was,
And now, Mama,

I am, so you can be happy and cared for,
And most importantly, Loved!