We are crafted differently!

Published by M Johnson on

Many are the times when no one cares but me. I always wonder if that means that I’m weak or what! The truth of the matter is that whether or not you care, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is whether what you care about is worthy the concern you give it.

There are times when people differ in reasoning, but that does not mean that the situation is different from what it really is. The thing you dread most may be the one thing that someone else wants to see, have, feel, experience etc. We all are human beings, made in the same image. However, the one thing that God made different for each one of us is the “software” that runs in us. That which controls our emotions, feelings, desires etc. That’s why ‘for the same reason’ some people will laugh and have some great time as others suffer and cry. Actually  the things that hurt you may be fun to others…. 

The deal is, don’t judge others for what they are. Always try their shoes before you take the judgement seat.