Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services start coming back online after outage that lasted hours!

Published by M Johnson on

After many argonizing hours for users, these services are coming back. WhatsApp reports that they are now 100% functional. Of course many users are thrilled to continue socializing with their friends and families. Of interest going forward would be the role these media play in shaping our society.

The impact that tehse media such as Fcebook have on peoples life is overwhelming. Generally amplified because it has become a daily need for many people, not just the young but people of all ages and walks of life. Basically, people are additcted to using the social media. Everytime and them you are drawn to check what is happening around you and your circle of friends and acquintances.
Addition to the social media means that the owners will reap big from their advertisements that are rolled out. To the users, it means that tahey will suffer the effects of the information that they come across to. In the last couple of years, the social media has been blammed for radicalization of people, increased anciety and depression for many young men and women. People strive to portray a certain image in the social media which has driven many people to make grave mistakes in their lives. Take for example, some accounts that promote self harm as well as extreme dieting programs that teenagers are drawn to!
Social media sites have the responsiility of ensuring safety and harmiony in the services they provide. They are rresponsible for all harm that come to their users. But, who is watching! We are yet to see people take responsibility for this!
So, use the social media responsibly!