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Sometimes you just need to reason,
Pan out, and step out of the prison,
To see opportunities open for the season,
Before you can make the damn good decision!

Sometimes it’s not about how much money,
Or how many people are calling you honey,
Or even how much you’ve got that’s bonnie
But, to what extend you can be runny!

Sometimes you don’t have to ask,
All you need is to bask in the sun, wearing a mask,
As you put your brains into task,
Enjoying a cold drink poured in a cask!

Sometimes it’s not what life makes, (of you)
Because you’ve got what it takes,
To do whatever you believe without mistakes,
To stand out, shine and they’ll come for handshakes!

Belief you me, you’ve got the potential,
One thing that is essential,
For you to make your presence torrential,
As you rise up the scales of life and become influential.