Embracing God’s Promises

Published by Johnson on

There are moments I feel like a looser,
And other times I feel like the end is closer,
But then He tells me “you are the head”
Be still, it’s your beginning not your end.

There are times I feel helpless,
Void with nobody to trust, literally faithless,
Yet He tells me, “You are strong in weakness!”
A chosen generation, destined for greatness!

There are those moments when I feel alone,
So lonely, bundled to my problems with all hope gone,
Then He says, “I never left your side”
Tis your sins that pushes me aside!

There are times I feel that the world is so much unfair
Times that I wish I was never part of this life’s affair
But then He tells me, “I know the plans I have for you”
Plans to prosper you, not to harm you.

There are times I wonder if my suffering means anything,
Times I wonder if there is any gain it will bring,
Yet He tells me, “Your labour is not in vain”
So don’t throw away your confidence, there is reward in pain.

There are moments I feel that my punishment is too heavy to bear,
One that I can’t bear at all, Left in despair,
Then am told, “The Lord disciplines the one He loves”
Enduring suffering as discipline: God is dealing with us as sons.

So I realize just how good our God is,
That He means everything that He says,
That I should just trust in Him with all of my heart,
And from His statutes, to never depart.