Imagine a world!

Published by Johnson on

This is the world that we have
A world where people are rich as others starve
A world where everything that glitters is sold
And “anything” in the market is gold
A world where good is bad and bad, good
Where everything that makes one happy, leaves the other sad
And what brings laughter, to another grieve
A confused world where you only want what you can’t give
And what you need, you can only see, not receive
A world invested by hatred, plagued by selfishness
A world clouded with desperation, scorched by nothingness
A world where hope has been swallowed by pessimism
And desperation is at the door of every heart
A world where love is on the lips
And all eyes on the price, the zip
A world like a desert in the middle of the sea
Where everything is scorched by lust, full blown sex spree
A world lost in the juggle of corruption
A barren land cast out in condemnation
And all hope uprooted in desperation

Such is a world without hope
One that none can ever cope
A world that is doomed for the worst
A scene, a play, a reality show unrehearsed

What if we could see the world differently?
Embrace it without indifference,
What if everything was good, nothing bad!
That everything made you happy and not sad,
That everything was just the way it should, contained
Nothing lost and everything gained

Imagine a world!
A world with no such thing as failure, only success
A place of calm and peace, with no stress
A world where people only wanted what they needed
And needed only what they wanted
Where everything was something
And in everywhere was everything!
What if we held on patience and clothed everyone with hope
A world where humility and respect were sold like dope
Where everyone was someone,  real love in action
And nothing mattered more than the other person?

Imagine a world!
A world where Love replaced lust
Where selfishness was replaced with selflessness
And desperation clouded by hope
A world where all that glittered was actually gold 
And everyone was warm, never cold
What if such was us now!
What if such was life now!
What if such is the world right now!
Imagine that world!